LI Wengui,CHEN Yatang.The statusin the research of vaccine of Brucella mediated by vectors[J].Foreign Medical Sciences (Section of Medgeography),2019,(02):97-104.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1001-8883.2019.02.001]





The statusin the research of vaccine of Brucella mediated by vectors
(重庆医科大学附属第一医院传染病寄生虫病研究所,重庆 400016)
LI WenguiCHEN Yatang
(Institute of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases,the First Affiliated Hospital,Chongqing Medical University,Chongqing 400016,China)
布鲁氏菌 OMP蛋白 SOD抗原 L7/L12抗原 疫苗
Brucella OMP antigen SOD antigen L7/L12 antigen vaccine
S852.61; R392.11
布鲁氏菌引起的布鲁氏菌病是一种严重危害人畜健康的传染性疾病,采用疫苗防治该菌是当前研究的热点领域之一。OMP、SOD和L7/L12抗原是3 种有效的疫苗候选分子,本文综述了鼠伤寒沙门氏菌、乳酸乳球菌、卡介苗、人赭菌、根癌农杆菌、大肠埃希菌、小肠结肠耶尔森菌、毕赤酵母、禽流感病毒、Semliki森林病毒、山羊痘病毒、牛痘病毒、腺病毒血清型5、伪狂犬病毒和昆虫杆状病毒等载体介导的布鲁氏菌疫苗的研制现状。
Brucellosis caused by Brucella is one type of infectious diseases seriously endandering human and animal health,it recently becomes highlight to control this bacteria by use of the vaccine.OMP,SOD and L7/L12 antigen are 3 types of effective candidate molecules of vaccine,the review outlines the status in the research of vaccine of Brucella mediated by bacteria such as Salmonella typhimurium,Lactococcus lactis,Bacille calmette-Guerin,Ochrobactrum anthropi,Agrobacterium tumefacies,Escherichia coli,Yersinia enterocolitica,and Pichia pastoris,viruses such as Avian Influenza Virus,Semliki forest virus,Goat poxvirus,Vaccinia virus,Adenovirus serotype 5,Pseudorabies Virus,and Baculovirus.


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